Professional teeth cleaning

There is even the gums, the space in between the teeth, the tounge, the saliva… All this together
contains the oral microflora, which plays an imortant roll in your general health.

With a professional tooth cleaning not only stains and hard plaque will be removed, but also the
so called biofilm, which is an aggregate of microorganisms. There are of course „good“ and „bad“
bacteria, and the important thing is to keep a good and healthy equilibration. To give the microflora
a chance to rebuild itself and keep a helathy mileu upright over a longer period is what we focus on
when offering you a tooth cleaning. We even want to make your oral hygiene at home easier for you
and you´ll get the chance to test different kinds of accessories. Apart from that, after a tooth cleaning
everything will feel fresh and clean again and by the way: your teeth will get whiter after the cleaning
and they will be getting their natural colour back. A shining smile is the result.

Welcome everybody!