Bleaching your teeth

Products for tooth bleaching are no longer available in the stores (2013). But there are, of course, different methods to get a tooth bleaching at your dentists office. You can either lighten up your smile a little or really get a longlasting whitening effect...

Usually, a tooth bleaching should  be started by a professional cleaning, which removes all kinds of stains and bacteria. You are getting best results when starting with the bleaching treatment right away, that means on the day the cleanling has been done. 1: You can get prefabricated treys with bleaching gel on it (6%) and use this yourself at home- we give you the instructions. It is not fitting your teeth individually, but you will at least get a "lighten up-effect". This should not be redone too often, though. 2: You can also get a "boost"- bleaching, which is done at the dentists office, it takes about 1 hour and a 36% -bleaching gel is used. I don´t offer this method in my office, it is the most agressive one. 3: You will get best effects and results with the so called home-bleaching method: a 7-14 days period of treatment with individually formed treys, that would also cover your gums properly. It should be worn for about 2 hours a day and you can see the step-by-step whitening of your smile every day. This also means having the possibility to minimize side effects. It is the longest lasting treatment I know as far as tooth bleaching is concerned. Call us for further information if you are interested- Welcome!



Bleaching at the dentist´s office: We offer you the so called home-bleaching method, which is the most effective and gives longlasting results. With this method you do not have to worry about negative side effects. We will help you with all your individual questions and try to get exactly what you wish for!


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