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A professional mouth guard is your best insurance! Check out www.sportmundschutz24.berlin

Protect your teeth with a professional mouth guard, which fits your teeth perfectly. If your tooth is missing it will cost you 10 times as much. We offer you a mouth guard that will not only protect your teeth but also lips and temporomandibular joints due to an impression and registration of your bite at the dentists office. You even can drink and talk with an exactly fitting mouth guard and it won´t hurt or feel uncomfortable in any way so that you can concentrate on your performance and feel safe! Contac us for more information.



Bleaching at the dentist´s office: We offer you the so called home-bleaching method, which is the most effective and gives longlasting results. With this method you do not have to worry about negative side effects. We will help you with all your individual questions and try to get exactly what you wish for!


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