Springtime is here- lighten upp your smile!

It´s not only about bleaching. Come and talk to us...

At your dentists, you are not only at the right adress to keep your mouth healthy, but you even can improve your looks. There are several different possibilities to do that: a professional tooth cleaning (about 1 hour for 99 euros), get white and invisible fillings (50-140 euros) or a professional bleaching (for 400 euros). Toothscaling and -cleaning is certrainly the most protective way to get a brighter smile and whiter teeth. We have different instruments and polishes, which would help to get best results.  As simple as it sounds,  really clean teeth look brighter and lighten upp your smile in a completely natural way. Of course, we can also offer you esthetic fillings. The homebleaching method we offer is completetly safe and also a possible way to whiten your teeth. Come by and we will do our best to answer all your individual questions and help you with your dicision. For your appointment, you can mail in english, book online at our homepage or call us (german). Welcome everybody!




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